Samantha Crain Spotlight and New Music

I first discovered Samantha Crain back in 2012 when I went on the Cayamo Cruise. Which is a whole other story for another time. I “studied” ahead of time buying all her released music so that I would be familiar with it when I got on the cruise.

I’d describe it as dirgy, folk/bluegrass and it’s so so good. Think, like dark Americana. Her voice is deep and transcendent. I mean, just listen to this!!

Samantha Crain is from Shawnee, Oklahoma and she proudly fills her band with others from her home state.

Well…all this to say, she has a NEW ALBUM OUT on Ramseur Records.
It’s called A Small Death and she says that this is her favorite album of hers in the last fourteen years. What I’ve heard so far is really good (I’m listening right now, as I type).

1. An Echo
2. Pastime
3. Holding to the Edge of Night
4. High Horse
5. Reunion
6. Joey
7. Constructive Eviction
8. Garden Dove
9. Tough for You
10 When We Remain
11. Little Bits

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Here’s the rest of her discography:

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