Sharon Knight News

Sharon Knight Band has a lot of fun things happening now.

They got a sponsorship deal with Larrivee guitars, so they got fancy schmancy new guitars.

They are in the process of working on a European tour this summer. They’ll be in Holland and Germany.

They’ll be in the Pacific Northwest in April as well

Here’s the exciting thing:
Their first music video, Song of the Sea was selected by AOL/Time/Warner to showcase a new media player called a SmartScreens Media Device. Here’s what Sharon says, “It’s similar to an iPod, with an elegant and sleek design and some special features unique to it, such as being self contained, not requiring a computer. This device was designed and built by AOL and Haier (A Japanese company) and the video “Song of the Seaâ€? and song Lagan Love are part of it’s showcase program. So we are getting fabulous exposure at tradeshows all over the place. ”

How cool is that?! That’s some fantastic exposure. You can see the video on their MySpace page:

[Review of Song of the Sea]
[Buy the CD]

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