Some bands just don’t even try!

I’m going through my list of CDs to review. There are about 50 on my desk right now. So believe me, I am looking for reasons to not review stuff. One band is making it real easy for me to disregard them. I’m not going to say who they are because I don’t want to single out anyone. Rather, I would say this is a cautionary tale to other musicians who are trying to get their music out there.

The CD came out in 2006 but they’re not in CDDB. This tells me that not very many people own this record. Surely someone would have entered the info by now. You’ll see in the next paragraph why no one has it.

The CD is not for sale on either Amazon or CDBaby If you want folks to buy your record you actually have to have it available. If you aren’t on at least one of these two, you are really missing out. They do supposedly sell the CD on their site. But the buy link is bad. It goes to an error page.

They do not accept friend requests from “bands” on MySpace. This shows me that they are there to promote themselves but are not willing to do so for their fellow musicians. I’ve talked to other musicians who also reject bands. Their answer for it is always, “bands spam people too much.” Um yeah, they do. But learn how to use the delete button and if they do it too much, you can always remove them as a friend. My issue with this practice (of rejecting friend requests from bands) is that not all those who have a music site are bands. By rejecting “bands” you are also rejecting me, who was going to perhaps do some free promo for you. Oh well. Moving onto the next band who actually wants my help!!

So while their music is cool they are obviously not into promotion and therefore why should I spend my time doing it for them? Plus their website is Flash-tastic and has a closed front door (an ‘enter site’ front page). After all that rejection I don’t have the energy to try any more.

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