Some good Christmas Music

I thought I’d put together a list of some of my favorite Winter/Holiday CDs for you since it’s that time of year again. I know it’s not quite December yet, but this way you can order them and they’ll arrive in time for you to listen to them while you’re wrapping gifts!

I am not generally a fan of religious Christmas songs. Though I do find some of them musically beautiful (O Holy Night for example). So the stuff I personally like best is usually more “Santa Christmas”.

First of all here are some Downloads:

Bunch of songs by Jennifer Grassman on her MySpace page. She has a new CD out!

[Fat Aunt Bette] by Andrea Perry

[Fisher Christmas ] It’s a full EP, and it can be found on her site FREE.

Beautiful ones:

[To Drive the Cold Winter Away] by Loreena McKennit
[A Winter Garden] by Lorena McKennitt

I lump these together because they are similar, but wonderful albums to play when just relaxing.

[December ]by George Winston
Instrumental, great to play at dinner.

[Wintersong] by Sarah McLachlan

I had more hopes for this one, but it’s Sarah so I still love it. My favorite song on it is Song for a Winter’s Night which is on her Rarities album, so I already had it. But the others are really nice too. I just wish she’d gone more of a Winter theme than a Christmas theme. Maybe next time!

[Mistletoe and Wine] by Mediaeval Baebes

[Harry for the Holidays] by Harry Connick Jr.
This is more of the traditional Christmas songs, but it’s Harry so I love it. You gotta admit that mans voice can weaken many a knee.

Fun Ones:

[Christmas Caravan] by The Squirrel Nut Zippers
I wish this band had not faded away. They’re terrific and this is a really fun record. Not for children. There’s some adult language here.

[Christmas Cocktails] by Various Artists
Great lounge music. This is one is also Christmassy, but it’s Santa Christmas

[A Bachelor Pad Christmas] by Various Artists
Another good loungy one.

For the Cheeseball in you:

[Christmas Gift of Love] by Barry Manilow
Shut up. I love Barry and I ain’t gonna deny it. This is also Christmassy, but not Jesus Christmas, it’s Santa Christmas.

[A Christmas Together] by John Denver & the Muppets
A childhood classic. I never get tired of the Twelve Days of Christmas with Beeker singing “me me me me me me” on his part. We Wish You A Merry Christmas is another great one with Animal chanting: “Won’t go! Won’t Go! Won’t GO!”

[Christmas Collection] by The Carpenters
This one is even a little too cheesy for me at times (and that’s saying a lot), but it has some gems on it.


[The Holidays at Home] by Various Artists (see review below)

[Tidings] by Allison Crowe
Probably my favorite vocal holiday album. Sorry Sarah. But this one is a gem and while there are some Jesus Christmas songs on it, they’re sung so beautifully.

[It’s Christmas] by Monica Schroeder

[Wintersong] by Kitka

…and I’ll end with a fun video of Suzy Snowflake by Soul Coughing

So what are your favorite Holiday tunes?

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