One of ours on the Silver Screen – Rebekah Jordan

I was checking what my boyfriend, I mean TiVo, recorded for me while I was working yesterday and it caught a movie on LOGO (I am not gay, but apparently my TiVo thinks I am because it records stuff on here all the time). It is called “Latter Days”. I read the description and it didn’t sound all that great to me, but then I looked at the cast list and it mentioned Rebekah Jordan. I thought, ‘hey I know a Rebekah Jordan! I did a spotlight on her awhile ago and reviewed her album, it was in my top albums of 2005.Probably not the same one’ I took a peek and a few minutes into the movie there she is! THE Rebekah Jordan! So I went to her MySpace page and I saw that she mentions it there (it wasn’t in the bio she gave me for the spotlight I did on her so I didn’t know). It turns out she’s also done another film called Liberty Heights.

So if you want to see one of “our girls” in the movies go get (or put on your NetFlix list):

[Liberty Heights]

[Latter Days]

note: on Latter Days description it calls her Rebekah Johnson (instead of Jordan) but it’s her.

[Rebekah’s Spotlight]
[Review of Trouble with Fiction]

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