The Mystery by Tommy Emmanuel


Album Name: The Mystery

Artist: Tommy Emmanuel

Year/Label: 2006 / ABC

Since I am not a musician I don’t know how qualified I am to review a record by a very well respected instrumental guitarist. So I’ll make it brief.

Much like those who say, “I know nothing about art, but I know what I like”…while I do know quite a bit about music, I still rely on what I like. There are many artists out there who are loved by many and I just don’t get it. Then there are those who are a very acquired taste and they’re my favorites. So it’s all a matter of taste isn’t it?

I tend to favor female voices and great lyrics in my music selections. This record has almost none of that. There is one song, Walls, that has singing on it and there is a female vocalist. It’s a good song and they both have great voices.

That said, I do like this CD. He’s clearly a very gifted musician. It’s just not something I’d pull out and listen to on a regular basis. The live footage I’ve seen of him playing looks like he’d be really fun to see live.

Title track, “The Mystery” is probably my favorite, it’s beautiful.

But for those of you who like listening to virtuoso guitar playing you’ll likely love it.

Track Listing
1. Cantina Senese
2. Gameshow Rag / Cannon Ball Rag
3. Mystery
4. Cowboys’ Dream
5. Walls
6. Lewis & Clark
7. Digger’s Waltz
8. Antonella’s Birthday
9. And So It Goes
10. That’s The Spirit
11. Footprints
12. Keep It Simple

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