Album Review: Blue is for Girls by The Gemz


Album Name: Blue is for Girls

Artist: The Gemz

Year/Label: 2006 / Street Beat Records

Look at the cover. I mean really look at it. Does it look like something you’d like? Then you will not be disappointed. I realize that I am not their demographic, so I hesitate to say too much. It’s clearly not my thing.

It couldn’t be cuter, poppier, bouncier, sweeter, if it was covered in sugar. Wait…maybe it already is.

That said, the songs are well written little girl songs. They cover the topics young girls are dealing with: Boys, boys and, well, boys…oh and living on spaceships (wha?)

The girls have pretty good voices and the instrumentation is professional though a bit cookie cutter sounding.

The press that came with it said that they’re a huge hit on Radio Disney and I can’t say I’m surprised. The little girl I used to nanny for would have loved this at the time. Bubble gum with a capital BUBBLE.

Track Listing
1. Girls Love
2. Blue Is For Girls
3. You Can Call Me
4. Dance The Night Away
5. Good Feeling
6. Living On A Spaceship
7. She’s Got A Boyfriend
8. You’re No Good
9. California
10. Training For Queen
11. Bop To the Top
12. What I’ve Been Looking For
13. Young Boys

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