Violet Femmes Compilation

This came across my desk the other day and I thought you might find it interesting. Please note, this is Violet (as in purple) not to be confused with the 80s band that’s fun to sing along with when you’re drunk.


VIOLET FEMMES features women artists from around the world, and brings together singer/songwriters, rockers, new age healers and R&B styings. You can hear the songs at [MySpace Page]

Artists on the CD are Zoe Scott, Pandora, Davina Robinson, Fara
Palmer, Asani, Laura Aidanblaise*, Krishna Rose and many more, so check it out if you want to hear some great music.

Track Listing

1. Zoe Scott (USA): Wildflower
2. Fara Palmer (Canada): Blah, Blah, Blah
3. Jess Day and Live& Lie (Australia): Helpless
4. Adriana Lorenzi (Venezuela): Palabras
5. Pandora (USA): Miss Medusa
6. Sharon Gosler (The Netherlands): Shine On Me
7. Beth Southwell (Canada): Something You Said
8. Jordan Reimer (USA): Conversations WIth Mr. A
9. ellee ven (USA): Vacillation
10. Laura McDavid (USA): Fearless Dance Mix
11. Brittney Elizabeth (USA): As One
12. Emma Ninel (Denmark): Hold Your Heart
13. Laura Aidanblaise (Canada): Under The Water
14. Krishna Rose (USA): Blossoms
15. Pamela Lynn (Canada): Suspended In Time
16. Asani (Canada): Rez Sister
17. The Smiling Strangers (England): All Because of You
18. Davina Robinson (Japan): Making Love to Your Girlfriend

[Violet Femmes Official Site]
[Buy it here]

*Amy’s Note: I LOVE Laura Aidanblaise’s Get Thee To The World. You can read my review here: [Get Thee To The World]

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