Album Review: Angels & Aliens & Monsters & Freaks by Rachel Cross

Album Name: Angels & Aliens & Monsters & Freaks
Artist: Rachel Cross
Year/Label: 2001 / Dreamy Eyes Records

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Review by Digman

An eclectic and passionate fourteen-track CD grocery bag of lyrically edible produce, which is carried and then delivered by voice – Rachel Cross, who carries in her arms…a guitar!

A folk-gracioso of unusually creative ideas (thoughts), “Angels & Aliens, Monsters & Freaks” is a musical-emporium of all these things.

Truth wise, Cross is musically difficult to describe but in any case (whatever the description), Cross (her CD) – is a grab bag of well-written and performed music that grabs your attention.

Segueing into the lyrical production (punctuation) of humorous vocal wit – “The Laundry Song” is a clever domestic under-the-tongue folk song (blues), which justly deserves a good-housekeeping seal… of musical approval.

“On The Mountain” is a display of good Crossfire, the vocal folk/soul style. Here her voice is deeper than the lyrics and I like it…especially with the added enhancement (color) of phat digital trax – David Cross!

And closing with “Dancez Tous En Ronde” an appropriately happy (CD) ending to the Cross-crossword puzzle of “Angels & Aliens, Monsters & Freaks”… produced by Marco Delmar.

Posted on June 5, 2002

Track Listing
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1. Mom Byte
2. The Laundry Song
3. Angels & Aliens, Monsters & Freaks
4. She Went Walking
5. K’ Shoshana
6. School Byte
7. Au Clair De La Lune
8. In This World
9. Pride
10. Re-soul Your Shoes
11. New Year’s Byte
12. 10-4 On The Mountain
13. Freedom Song
14. Dancez Tous En Ronde

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