Album Review: Sellisternia by Regan

Album Name: Sellisternia
Artist: Regan
Year/Label: 2002 / High Priestess Productions

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Review by Digman

Measuring with a sound line for depth; vocally erotic and twelve fathoms deep (tracks), “Sellisterni” (a sacred banquet) is the rhythmically applied art of techno passion that is combined with the hypnotic textures of an equally lyrically dark celestial passion (voice), which equals the total CD art of ethereal (Nymphaea) soul – Regan!

Beginning with “Hollow Ground” an instrumental that serves the CD purpose of creating a dream-state euphoria of more to come… and musically, more does come!

“I Am Your Garden” is a powerful yet sensitive (sensuous) illusion that suffers (lyrically) under the surreal experience of love and love’s bondage. It is – (Regan) mellifluously melodic.

The “Temptress” is just as powerful and is Regan singing sexually strong, with various tempo changes that suffer under a crescendo of well-played (programmed) percussions. It is – maliciously melodic.

“Undine” is another great instrumental illusion; a nuptial song (epithalamium) that consumes the listener with Regan induced audio dreams.

Recorded and produced by Regan and Chris Komashko at High Priestess and Mother Studios, I was surprised at the quality. Using only the ‘bare’ elements of musical incantations, such as: Digi 001, Virus B, Rebirth, Event Monitors, Cubase VST, Kurzweil K2000, Mackie mixing board and of course…voice, which is Regan.

It is both sensuous and musically intelligent, mixed with the embodiment of vocal sexual soul. It is… formousus-a-um (Sellisternia) – Beautifully formed!

Posted on June 11, 2002

Track Listing
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1.Hallowed Ground
4.I Am Your Garden
6.Le Secret Douloureux
7.Angel Eyes
10.Oblivion, 1st Movement
11.Oblivion, 2nd Movement

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