Album Review: Cinderella’s Dead by Stephanie St.John

Album Name: Cinderella’s Dead
Artist: Stephanie St.John
Year/Label: 2001 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Stephanie St.John’s debut album is a compelling listen. She has a fine voice and a versatile pop/rock sound.

“Mecca” is a great song with witty lyrics and a catchy chorus. “Beaver Dam” stands out too with the line “Cinderella’s dead and the prince is gay” and some quirky vocal delivery.

“Over It” has the protagonist saying to a lover “I’m the pair of comfy shoes you couldn’t afford to lose”. St.John is good at finding unusual phrases like that and it makes for some good lyrics.

“Cinderella’s Dead” is a very convincing debut.

Posted on December 13, 2001

Track Listing
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1. Splitting Hairs
2. Push Down Smile
3. Mecca
4. Soul River Tight
5. Meaning
6. Beaver Dam
7. One Less Car
8. Brown
9. Over It
10. Baby Blue Charade

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