Amores Vigilantes

On April 5, 2011, Three Ring Records will release two new EPs by Amores Vigilantes. The two releases form a cosmic bridge between their recent album “West Coast Kingdom” and their upcoming full-length “Songs From the Atmospheric”.

Amores Vigilantes sounds the way San Francisco feels: dreamy, yet gritty; timeless but uninhibitedly different, just like their city.

With influences that range from ’70s soul to ’60s Latin jazz to any decade of Garage Rock, the band crosses bridges into musical neighborhoods that most others pass right by.

Amores Vigilantes – EP#1
You Can’t Live Forever In Paradise On Earth (Without Me)
Release Date: April 5, 2011

Track List
01 – You Can’t Live Forever In Paradise On Earth (Without Me)[mp3]
02 – Technically I’m Wrong
03 – Days of Auld Lang Syne (A Slacker’s Ballad)
04 – EMDR Blues
05 – Chet’s Christmas Tree

Amores Vigilantes – EP#2
I Love You More Than You Love Me

Track List
01 – I Love You More Than
You Love Me [mp3]
02 – I Hate You More Than
You Hate Me (Aka The Song That Broke Up The Band)
03 – You’re No Buddy Rich
04 – Five More Blocks With Ferlinghetti

This is really nice stuff, give it a listen!


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