Album Review: Big Wind on the Way by Holly and Jon


Album Name: Big Wind on the Way

Artist: Holly and Jon

Year/Label: 2005 / Independent

Holly and Jon Burden are a father/daughter duo from Canada.

I expected this to be cheesy folk and it’s actually more like bluesy rock.

“One Desire” has a nice groove.

“Blood on the Trax” rocks a little more and really showcases Holly’s voice, which is perfect for this genre.

We get to hear Jon sing on some tracks too and he has a nice voice as well. They sing together on many as well and their voices are a good blend.

If you like country-ish, bluesy folk then you will probably enjoy this one. It’s not bad. Not my thing, but it’s not bad.

Track Listing

1. One Desire
2. Blood on the Trax
3. Fragile and Forgiving
4. I’m a Woman
5. Slushy Blues
6. Cowboy Angel
7. Broke Down Ford
8. Runnin on kootenay time
9. The Free Way
10. Home in the Country
11. Train Wreck Blues
12. Human kindness

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