New Luke Doucet

I have known about Luke Doucet for years because he’s been in Sarah McLachlan’s band. Now he’s touring with her again along with his lovely and talented wife, Melissa McClelland.

When I found out they’d be on the Cayamo cruise I picked up the albums they each had on Emusic and fell in love with both of them. They were a highlight of the cruise too. We caught every one of their shows.

So I’m happy to announce that Luke Doucet has a new album coming out soon (August 31…September 21 in the US) on Six Shooter Records!

[Preorder at Amazon]

Here’s the EPK (Electronic Press Kit) for the new record, called Steel City Trawler:

Here’s the tracklist
1. Monkeys
2. Thinking People
3. Hey Now
4. The Ballad of Ian Curtis
5. You Gotta Get It
6. Magpie
7. Sundown
8. Dirty Dirty Blonde
9. Love and a Steady Hand
10. Dusted
11. Some of You Folks

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