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Beautiful Anonymous logoToday’s Podcast Recommendation is Beautiful Anonymous or Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People. I’d say of all the podcasts I listen to, this is the one that I am the most diligent with keeping up. This is one in which I have heard every episode at least once.*

The premise is this: Host Chris Getherd takes a phone call from a random stranger. They remain anonymous and are encouraged to talk with Chris for an hour, about anything they wish. Chris may not end the call (though the caller may) until that hour is up. Their tag line is: “1 phone call. 1 hour. No names. No holds barred”.

At first, anyway, I believe Chris was not prepped on what the person was going to talk about, but now I think they’ve changed things up a bit as it seems he does have some idea, from his producer.

You’ll hear from a woman who is reporting to prison the following morning, a woman who is in the waiting room anticipating the results of her daughter’s cancer tests, an aspiring pro wrestler, a bartender telling stories about the drunks, a stay-at-home dad, and a ton of other random situations. It’s always interesting and sometimes heartbreaking.

At any rate, the calls are fascinating if you’re at all interested in people and how wonderful and different we all are.

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*once it went behind a paywall, there have been ones that I have missed. It really bothers me when podcasts do this. I understand the need to make money, absolutely. But when they go on a private thing like Stitcher Premium it’s annoying. I have a podcast app that I love (after trying out a ton of them) and it’s not Stitcher. So if I’m going to monetarily support the pods I love, I have to have a bunch of different apps, and pay a ton of different ways, etc. I’m already supporting those I really love on Patreon, but when they all pick a different platform it makes it really hard for us to support them all. Rant over.

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