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Sarah FimmToday’s Artist Recommendation is Sarah Fimm. Sarah is another artist I’ve been following for a long time. She submitted her music to Collected Sounds many years ago. She was first reviewed by Collected Sounds contributor, Anna Maria back in 2002 for her album, Cocooned, and contributor Digman interviewed her in 2002

I reviewed her album A Perfect Dream in late 2005 and the songs are still on my rotation. I called it “atmospheric and ambient, but you’ll find dabs of jazz, blues, rock, cabaret, and pop too.” While she has dabbled with different styles, everything she does has the Fimm stamp on it.

Sarah has a new album out called Planting Oblivion. Click on the name to listen on Bandcamp.

Some of my favorite songs:
“Be Like Water”
“Bring me a Light”


Cocooned (2002) 
A Perfect Dream (2002) 
Nexus (2004) 
Near Infinite Possibility (2011) 
Barn Sessions
White Birds (2009)
The Vanishing Sessions (2009)
Red Yellow Sun (2009) 
Adaquarium (2015)
Potnia Theron (2015)
Given Never Offered (2018)
Broken Arrow (2020)
There Thy Beauty Lies (2020)
Planting Oblivion (2020)

Find her in the ether:

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